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Corporate Flagship
Corporate Flagship
*WARNING* - Master's License Revoked Imperial Starship (ISS)
Imperial StarShip (ISS)

Synopsis of Tradewars 2002

Tradewars 2002 is an interactive, online RPG space game, based on the Star Trek realm, with a dash of other SciFi concepts thrown in. Game Players (Traders) compete economically and militarily. Traders in the game can choose to play good or evil. Pretty much like life, is it not?

Our Galaxy. Image Courtesy of Starfleet Command. Import into your Navigational Computers. Traders may form Corporations to co-operate and share resources.

Three products (Fuel Ore, Organics, Equipment) are traded between Ports in the universe for profit. The successful trader knows it is best to haggle the prices at Ports.

It is also advisable to create a planet for use as a base of operations. Planets are created with powerful Genesis Torpedoes. You pick up Colonists from planet Terra in Sector 1 and place them on your planet, where they go to work producing the three main products that Ports want.

The universe has a StarDock, where Traders buy their essential supplies and weapons. The StarDock has a Federation Shipyard, where the Trader can upgrade his ship or buy a new, more powerful one. There are seventeen ship types available for purchase. Some are restricted for purchase by game qualifications.

Spaceships are able to fight militarily by using fighters and photon torpedoes. You protect you ship with shields. Planets can be developed for military value by building and upgrading Citadels.

Traders are also competing militarily against the Ferrengi Empire. Ferrengi ships will be found throughout the universe, and one sector will contain planet Ferrenghal, their home base.

In addition, one may encounter other hostile alien ships belonging to the Borg, Klingons, Romulans, Cardassians, or other alien species known to be hostile to humanity.

Scanning Neighboring Sectors

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